I hear you loud and clear! I have put the digger project on hold for the time being. We will be building up a platform to mount it and a new shaft to drive the chain. Looks like a winter or spring project. I want to add some sort of a gluide system to have the unit stay away from the sidewalls. Not sure just how to do that?

Now it is off to getting the fields put to bed, mostly done and then prep the tractor for snow time. Need to do a bit of work on my Howard Rototiller as well.

As for the planter! Take a close look at all the pick up cups! I have the two-row planter to work on soon and I am sure I will have to take all of the cups off and weld a support piece onto each one.

On the back fill disk you will want to weld on some support pieces as it is pretty weak and will certainly bend if you have any rocks in the field that they might come in contact with. I assumed that China just doesn't have any rocks!

Watch out for the drive wheels as they use a tube in them and every time they will be low on air or a leak in the tube. I found they had mounted the wheels backwards and had to have them taken off and remounted.

You will want to make sure you have the chain link properly adjusted. (I am talking about the chain that drives the cup rotation). I am pretty sure they put these together and do not run them to make sure they are aligned.

I got an email from Lauren last week telling me they were at a farm show and that she would get back to me once they return to the factory. We will see. I am sure that they are not too concerned about what we have already purchased Peter. Like you I tell my friends to be careful with what they purchase and to be ready to have to work on the darn stuff.

We did get a rototiller from them and so far it seems to be working fine. Although the guy that has it is only using it on previously tilled soil.

Have fun.