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    Default Re: Find the poison ivy plant

    Quote Originally Posted by OneMan View Post
    Ok, you better get good at spoting chiggars (no-see-ums, redbugs,etc) if you're bushhogging rather than poison ivy. Trust me having over 50 bites on both legs all the way up to the sweet spot isn't funny. Next time I'll tuck in the pants legs and wear long sleeves even if the temp. is 98 degrees.
    If you will take a kerosene wet rag and wipe around the ankles you will not get a chigger. If you go out and do not do this, when you get home wash with a keroses rag then jump in the shower! NO CHIGGERS!!! I PROMISE YA!
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    Default Re: Find the poison ivy plant

    Never, never, never, ever burn poison ivy. The urushiol vapor
    can get into your eyes, nose, lungs (which CAN kill you).
    Doesn't matter how the wind is blowing, someone else not
    directly involved in the burn can become exposed. When in my teens
    my dad and I were clearing brush and were very careful about
    not burning PI, but some must have snuck in. I wound up with PI
    under my eyelids. Four weeks of absolute misery. you can't
    imagine the pain. Back then there was no real treatment
    for ocular PI. I had black eyes for over a month.

    Please don't burn it, chip it, shred it. Wait until it is thoroughly
    dry after cutting and then bury it. The oil is still an irritant even
    after the plant is dead.

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    Default Re: Find the poison ivy plant

    First time I mowed the back field, I ended up with poison ivy head to toe.

    Then I got goats. No more poison ivy!
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