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    Default B&D pole saw

    I recently bought a Black & Decker cordless pole chainsaw and had a chance to use it this morning. I would rate it as a good tool. It is normally about 10 ft. but will extend to 14 ft with an insert (included) between the handle end and the saw end. It is light and will cut a decent seized limb (B&D says 6" but I pushed it). I used it on a roof and had no problems keeping my balance. The only problem is that the battery did not last as long as advertised and takes too long to recharge. I will get another battery. I bought it at Lowes for $129.00 + tax.


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    Default Re: B&D pole saw

    I need to buy a pole saw and have been debating a corded model (to use with my portable generator) or the battery type. How many cuts are you getting per charge? How long is the charge period?

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    Default Re: B&D pole saw

    I tried to reply before, but here is the gist. I got about 25/30 cuts on the first charge. The instructions say the recharge will take 3 to 6 hours depending on the level of charge remaining. You need at least two batteries.


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    Default Re: B&D pole saw

    I bought one of these about 2 months ago. I love it and am pleased with the work time I get per charge. Sure, it ran out of power before I got all the pruning done the first few times I used it. But now that most of the pruning is done, that is not a problem.
    It's no big deal to wait another day (while the battery charges for 8 or 9 hours) to resume pruning. I don't need a second battery.
    The saw has very impressive cutting power until the battery runs way down. But that is to be expected and does not diminish my realistic expectations for the tool.
    I strongly recommend it. Bought mine at w/free shipping for $125.32, model NPP2018.

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