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As an irrigation contractor for over 20years, I would say the old faithful Hunter PGP series, Also we have been having great sucess using TORO #800 series sprinkler, adjustable from say 40deg to a full 360deg. How many GPM are you using/ Pressure? I think you will be happy with a gear driven sprinkler,

I use the Hunter PGP series too with very few problems, easily adjustable and good coverage. These come in full circle 360 and adjustable arc models, all can use a multitude of nozzles tips to allow for various flow rates.

FWIW, larger supply pipe really makes a difference in the efficientcy of a sprinkler system, try to limit the amount of 3/4" pipe in your systems. I run 1 1/2" main lines with short 1" lines to the valves and heads.