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    Default Stink bugs ruin machines?

    Anyone else run into this problem? A professional landscaper near me tells me they had some major damage to one of their Zero-Turn mowers due to the air cleaner filling up with hundreds of stink bugs over the winter. Last week my neighbor told me his weed whacker may have cracked a cylinder from the same problem... the air filter was full of stink bugs and he says it was a disgusting mess in there when he took the cover off. I am going to check everything I can before starting up this year. The stink bugs were terrible here last summer/fall and I am seeing them everywhere in and around my house not that they are waking up. Apparently zillions wintered in my garage, barn, and between my vinyl siding and the house. Check you equipment and if you find a good way to control the stink bugs.... let me know! These things are the bane of my life the past year or so!

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    Default Re: Stink bugs ruin machines?

    The HVAC guy doing a routine tuneup on the house system mentioned that stinkbugs have been a problem for them, too. He said he'd seen a lot of systems where they crowded into furnace & heat pump control areas.

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    Default Re: Stink bugs ruin machines?

    Last year was the first time I have seen them. They get into everything, no damage done. Hopefully the winter did them in. Being that they are china imports; we have no natural predators for them.

    Hummm...... maybe we can send some to Afghanistan?

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    Default Re: Stink bugs ruin machines?

    Unfortunately the winter didn't do the job here in Northern VA. The ones that wintered in my unheated barn and garage a slowly waking up and going about their business.

    BTW- They will stink up a vacuum cleaner badly and the musty smell they leave hangs on and is emitted from the vacuum when you run it. Make sure you don't plan to use it in the house much if you suck up some stink bugs in it.

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    Thanks for the links in the other thread. Some of that I have seen but some is new and could be helpful. I appreciate the respond and the info!

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