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    Default Any issues with seeding when wet?

    I got my back yard graded and to my liking just in time for a really hard downpour. So Here I sit with everything I need to get the deed done but with a muddy back yard. Wondering if there are any issues other that tracks with seeding say in the morning.

    I picked up a bag of kentucky 31, I wanted bluegrass but there was none to be had on my area.

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    Default Re: Any issues with seeding when wet?

    Seems the seed will just lay on top. Are you going to cover it with some hay or straw after seeding?

    Are you seeding any cover grass such as rye to protec and shade the ground?

    Am thinking seeding now will depend on a few things - might or might not work.

    Are you in Kentucky or the Rio Grande area?

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    Default Re: Any issues with seeding when wet?

    LOl Southeastern Indiana

    Planning on covering with straw.

    My orignal intent was a light tilling and then drag and roll after seeding.

    Hence my concern. No rey just the tall fescue that is Kentucky 31

    I have seen it grow right on top but I dont know if that is common.

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    Default Re: Any issues with seeding when wet?

    I think you will get much better results if you can let it dry enough to cover the seed. I have had poor results with uncovered Fescue seed, some of it does catch if rolled in but not enough to be satisfied with it imo.

    When I plant new Fescue I irrigate it about 4 times a day just enough to keep the surface damp. I like the straw method but it isn't available locally and the wind would blow it away here anyway.

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