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    I have sprayed Roundup when the bermuda was a tiny bit green. All it did to the bermuda was hold it back a few weeks. Areas I did not spray with Roundup were greener sooner but it all evened out after a few months of proper growing season. I would not fear spraying roundup this weekend but in another month there is a fair chance I would have second thoughts. I do need to spread some pre-emergant and do dome weed killing myself.

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    Quote Originally Posted by sam5570 View Post
    Dennis i don't know if i would spray the whole yard,
    I'm not doing the whole yard, I have 39,903 sq ft of yard that is for the most part all bermuda and of that about 25% of it has servere weed problem areas.

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    You'll be fine. The only possibility is maybe delaying the spring green up. Now dont freak out if it takes it a while to start browning out. With the lower rate and cooler temps, it will be a little slower working. Also probably not gonna get all the henbit. Something about that square stem makes it a tough one. If you need anymore help just let me know, I'm not too far from you.
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