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    Default Burmuda Grass Overseeding

    Now that I have tackled round 1 of my weed problem, I知 ready to put a plan of action into place and stay on top of this yard and hopefully in a couple of years have something to be proud of. While I知 still researching everything I need to do for Pre-Emergent, Fertilizer, Post-Emergent etc. I知 also moving onto spring planning for overseeding this yard.

    I have looked high and low for a rental company that rents something along the lines of a John Deere TR10 or Land Pride OS15 but came up with nothing. All the local equipment rental places have to offer are the following:

    Classen, TS-20H
    Blue Bird overseeder
    Billy Goat OS551H

    All three are in the 20-24 range and seem to be in the lower class range for quality from what I知 seeing on the internet. Does anyone have any experience using the above models? anyone ever rented a 3 PT hitch 5' type overseeder?

    Thanks, Dennis

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    Default Re: Burmuda Grass Overseeding

    I don't know what an overseeder is. I have a 3 point spreader that I use for fertilizing and for broadcasting ryegrass and oats. When I was a teenager we sprigged coastal bermuda by using a manure spreader to sling the sprigs out.

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    Default Re: Burmuda Grass Overseeding

    If you are going to seed be careful with pre-emergents. While fine to use on existing grass most do not recommend use when new seed is to be put down.


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    Default Re: Burmuda Grass Overseeding

    Bermuda grass seed is very small and can be difficult to deal with if you don't have the right equipment. I just finished seeding a small plot of 4 acres today. I am hoping it will work out. What I did was mix the grass seed(10 lbs/acre) with Scott's starter fertilizer(three lg sacks/acre) thoroughly in a wash tub and them poured it into the hopper of my spin spreader. I made three passes across the area to insure an even distribution of the seed. Walked the field and both seed and fertilizer seemed pretty even. Harrowed the seeds and ground to cover and packed it with a water filled roller. Will start watering Monday to get the rye grass growing we also planted but wouldn't expect the Bermuda to come up before May.

    I should add this was freshly tilled ground so harrowing with spike teeth worked well. Can't speak for the results yet but will know more in a few months.

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