Came across a used (130hr) ZG27 zero turn which has my attention. Decent price. Anyone have any experience with these mowers?

My older mower has about 1000 hrs on it, but seems to be losing torque, added the fact that it takes a trip at least twice a year to a mechanic (just came back a second time today).

Looking at about 7 acres generally flat, with another 7 acres of field out back that I keep down for shooting lanes, with another good 4 acres of hills (steep, but never had a problem with them).

Also came across some used F series kubota's, most around 1,000 hrs on them, but not bad prices IMO for their condition. Anyone handle a F series mower and how did you like it? Of course the F series would be diesel. Heard these things are like tanks and will run forever.

I'm at the point where I'm ready to shoot my old mower and have been keeping an eye out for a Grasshopper diesel, but for just mowing grass, if I can save 5k on a used machine that will last a couple thousand of hours, I have to be economical as well and get what would fit better for me on the money side than just say "screw it" and buy what I want (added the fact that we just bought a car with cash and prefer not to do any financing for a new mower).

Any experience given would help.