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    Default Re: Would you go through the effort?

    Quote Originally Posted by Deere Dude View Post
    I'm with grandpapy. I would drive that to save half of it.

    If you pay cash everything might work out for you but if you take out a loan or have a dealer financing of some sort it might bite you when it comes tax time. It will ask on the tax form if you owe any user tax to your home state. Then your conscience will decide if you say yes or no.

    That is what I found when I bought in Missouri and had it shipped to Wisconsin. Still owed Wisconsin sales tax.
    Yeah ours just asks if we made any out of state purchases. You just say no and move on if you say yes you have to fill in where you purchased, dealers name, address and bunch of other crap. I know a lot of people that just check no and move on. We used to buy gas over the border and were supposed to claim it yeah well I'm not going to admit to anything but you get the idea.

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    Default Re: Would you go through the effort?

    Hey original poster, I'm from NY also, 15 mins from pa border, I've been through this same situation a couple months ago and will be doing it again in a couple weeks hopefully, are you talking about smiths enterprise in salemsburg NC,, I just went down there and bought a 20' dovetail trailer from them in march, they will give you a 30 day temporary registration and all the appropriate paperwork to title and register in New York and you will have to pay the sales tax when you do that, I bought a trailer from them and then drove 3 hours across the state and brought a used Mahindra tractor, , it was a long trip but now I'm selling the Mahindra and now I'm talking with Smiths Enterprise in Salemburg to buy a bigger trailer (10k) and a xg3140 with backhoe hopefully, Billy the owner is excellent to deal with and I've been emailing him again recently and they will deliver to my address for $0.99 (first 120 free) a mile so it ends up being $470 roughly to have it delivered to my house which is way better than what I did last time, it may have been slightly cheaper doing it myself, but i had a very heavy load, and 2 days wasted, I would recommend having them deliver it for that price, hopefully they will be delivering mine in a couple of weeks, and yes I think it's definitely worth it to save $2000-$3000 compared to buying local,
    Quote Originally Posted by chas0218 View Post
    In NY if you buy something out of state you are supposed to claim it on your taxes but next to no one does it. Cost to add the backhoe to the package is $4995 for the sub frame backhoe so it would be $23,995 out the door -$200 for PT wood deck on the trailer. I think that is pretty good for the list below.

    5' Brush mower
    5' box blade with sacrifiers
    Subframe Backhoe
    20' Dual axle trailer metal floor

    To clarify the dealer in NY wants $22,302 with sales tax for Tractor, FEL, and SF backhoe. He was able to come down a little. So $1700 and 3 implements difference between local and out of state.

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    Default Re: Would you go through the effort?

    One thing to consider if you also bring a backhoe home with you...…..Are you sure a 7000 lb. gvw trailer is capable of that much weight. Net weight of the trailer is probably around 2000 lb. Many unpleasant things can happen with an overloaded trailer with the distance you have to travel. Maybe the dealer will upgrade to a 10000 lb trailer for a few extra bucks...….Dan.
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    Default Re: Would you go through the effort?

    And of course the biggest advantage to getting your tractor from NC is you get a free visit to North Carolina, the prettiest state on the east coast

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    Default Re: Would you go through the effort?

    I drove 550 miles each way to pickup my tractor. Saved $2500 minimum from best local deal. Mine is a lot lighter than yours though.
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    Default Re: Would you go through the effort?

    I bought my LS from out of state, but for different reasons. There were at the time, three LS dealers in Utah, and none had ever even sold an XU series tractor. The LS area rep referred me to a dealer in Idaho that specializes in farm equipment where I was able to test drive a machine like I wanted.
    I didnít really save on taxes though, here 60 hp and up tractors qualify for an AG exemption.
    When I was looking last year, there was a dealer closer that carried Mahindra and Branson. Now he sells LS machines and carries 60-75 hp LS in stock. I take that as a good sign LS was the right choice.

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