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    Default Re: Must have mods or attachments for new LS.

    Hi everyone. I just thought I should mention that LS and my dealer set me up with the later bucket cylinders. It's a definite improvement to breakout strength, but still not what I was used to with my old Cub Cadet's 417 loader. But, you have to love that kind of help from the dealer and company. I now have what the 2011s have on my 2010. Big credit to LS and AG Bag Astoria!

    BTW, I also got a replacement K3M engine for my 1996 Cub Cadet. It was expensive, but that is because it came in a 2001 CC with 250 hours on it. Yippy! Considering that it was in a like new 30 HP model, I pretty much stole it. Now I have to strip all the trick stuff off my old dead one and move it to the new one. Another darned project.
    Blessed Be.

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    Default Re: Must have mods or attachments for new LS.

    Quote Originally Posted by mangus580 View Post
    Any pics of either setup? I want to mount something on mine, but I want to use it for moving trailers, and I cant picture the best way of mounting it, that will allow a low hitch height for a trailer.

    How do you use this setup for moving trailers? I dont see how it will work without having the trailer hitch height above the bucket....
    I don't use it for moving trailers. The receiver lets me put whatever I want there in the center of the bucket: slip hook, D-ring, boom, etc.... THIS is what I use to move trailers:

    Must have mods or attachments for new LS.-flexpoint-jpg

    With the hydraulic top link I can get it under pretty much everything.
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