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    Default Looking at a R3039

    Hello everyone! Glad to find this LS forum!

    Saturday I'm planing on visiting the nearest LS dealer (40 miles away) to check out the R3039.

    I was really thinking about the R4041 but they don't have one in stock.

    Do you guys think the 38.5 HP R3039 can handle a 6 foot brush hog (mostly tall grasses) or should I choose the 41 HP R4041.

    I really like the features, design and price of the LS tractors but have never seen one in person.

    Are you LS owner completely satisfied with your purchase?

    Any comments would really be appreciated.

    I may very well take a trailer with me when I go.

    Spoke with the dealer today and he quoted me a price for the R3039 with loader at $17,900.00


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    Default Re: Looking at a R3039

    Sorry for the long post: I commend you for looking at the R-series; initially I was looking at a smaller unit than the R-series. Researching specs showed the R's have more power for attachments. I bought the r4041ez because it only cost a little more than the 3039's and was in stock. The ez is nice sometimes, but normally I clutch anyway out of habit, so it is not something I would buy again. If I had it to do over I might buy one of the utility size tractors (depending on price) because I bought a Bradco 609 backhoe attachment for the 4041 and it is a little light for an 1850 lb attachment. (I did not fill tires or buy weights) The 609 has not been hooked up yet because I have to fabricate a mounting frame. That said, I think the 4041's 8.2 gpm flow will be way too small for the 609 and I will need a pto pump. The weakest point on these tractors seems to be the aux gpm flow so I suggest you investigate the required flow you will need for attachments before purchase. For the 4041 the manual suggests running the engine about 1500 rpm; if you don't keep rpm over idle, the FEL's cylinders don't fill and the bucket flops; minor thing, but annoying. I would rather run from idle like on a commercial tractor, but I think I ask too much of these compacts. Other compacts might need higher rpm's too, but some brands have higher amount of gpm rating (around 12 gpm). I've never used a different brand.
    Otherwise this tractor will nearly bulldoze in 4x4 (w/ tilled dirt I was bulldozing). IF YOU BUY an LS or whatever, check the bolts that get a lot of force on them. Bolts on the my FEL loosened and then broke, I should have checked them (LS rep suggested I not use the loader as a bulldozer anymore). Bolts on the front axle also loosened and then one broke before I noticed the front end was coming apart. I run right over piles of dirt rather than going around, so I am sure I stressed those bolts. 4x4 is great.
    The 4041 is a fine tractor, I treat it like the commercial tractors I've used and it does what I need. Keep in mind, we always 'need' a larger tractor - and the gpm flow may be too small, I have not used any attachment except the FEL, so I am not sure.

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    Just FYI when I was looking I had a kubota L3800 priced 4x4 gear Fel ag tires ssqa loaded tires all for 17,500 plus tax I ended up with an L4400 for more power and there is a problem with the hitch being jerky on the 3800 which on the last one I tested wasn't bad at all. But ls does make a nice tractor my preference is kubota just trying to give you food for thought

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    Default Re: Looking at a R3039

    I have had a 2010 R4010 gear since May (last year's 41 HP model). I just gave it its 200 hour grease job yesterday. I like it so far but think the loader is not up to snuff. Its LL4100 loader is smaller and weaker than the loader that came on my 27 HP Cub Cadet. Even with the revs at 1500, it doesn't do what my CC would do at an idle. Because I was used to that other loader, this one continues to disappoint.
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    Default Re: Looking at a R3039

    Alan, I have the R3039 and am very pleased with it. I use a 72" Caroni flail mower and it handles it with no problem. I think you would really like this tractor. It has lots of standard features with ample hp in a compact size.

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    Default Re: Looking at a R3039

    Alen, I have about 125 hrs on my 4020 hydro which is now the 4047 model, most of the hrs on it are fel work and its been great! I picked the 4020 for the extra hp and heavier frame and because of the size projects i had in mine. My advice is to buy the tractor that fits you and your needs the best, and fits your pocket book. Also i would have the tires loaded , It makes all the difference in the world when useing the fel

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    Default Re: Looking at a R3039

    The R3039 will handle many 6 brush mowers on the market just fine, but may not be the ideal choice. If you're doing some heavy cutting, in tough conditions (hot, dusty, etc.), or if you're looking at one of the heavier 6' mowers on the market it may not be the best balanced package without ballast in tires or counter-weight in the bucket. The R4041 will of course be a better choice with the extra HP and weight, but it may not be necessary.
    I think there may be some unrealistic expectations out there about what you can expect from compact tractor hydraulics just above idle. The hydraulic flow rate is related to engine speed, so you'll always get faster, stronger, and more positive FEL action with higher engine speed. When I'm doing loader work I'll set the hand throttle at 1500-1600 rpm for a slow, controlled approach to my material with reasonable loader speed and strength, then use the foot throttle to rev up for fast and strong loader action, or tearing out across the yard after I've loaded the bucket.
    kubota makes fine tractors, but at a given price point the LS will have a lot of features that the Kubota will lack... and a longer warranty. Equally equipped, comparing apples to apples, I've always found the big 3 to be at least a couple grand higher than LS in this range of tractor....just my 2....
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