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    am looking

    Default ls 3038--4047

    am looking into a 3038 and or 4047----how are they as far a quality--longevity--service--any help would be great---scared to buy-tom

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    Default Re: ls 3038--4047

    I can't help you a lot. I just bought a 3039H. Had it for three weeks or so now. I still really like it. The best way to say it, I think, is that it's a great value for the money. Dealers are few and far between --- so, if you need a dealer for all of your service, you better be close to one or willing to pay the bill to haul the tractor back and forth. I think that you plan to do most of your own maintenance if you buy an LS tractor.

    Quality seems great so far --- I haven't found anything falling off of it yet. Obviously can't speak to longevity ---- it lasts at least three weeks

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    Default Re: ls 3038--4047

    I've had my R4047 for a year now. I don't get to use it a whole lot because I don't live very close to my land that I keep it on. It has been pretty reliable and is definitely strong. I have had a couple warranty issues and LS and my dealer took good care of it. I have 3 dealers within an hour from me that sell LS and another one or two within an hour of my property so I don't have any concerns for dealership and warranty support. I think pretty much everybody that decides on an LS does so because of the amount of tractor for the money. They really are a great deal but it won't last. As soon as they become a common name like kubota the prices are going to come up. Good news for me cuz I'll probably be able to sell mine for new or nearly new prices. LOL

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