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    Default Stump bucket

    Has anyone used a stump bucket or similar attachment with their LS ? I was considering one for my R3039H, to remove some small to medium stumps, and was wondering how my machine would perform with an attachment like this.
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    Default Re: Stump bucket

    I bought one at auction a couple of years ago. I have used it some on brush and small (about 10" diameter) stumps, but haven't given it a real good work out. It worked fairly well, but I'm guessing it would work a lot better on a tractor with a little more "umph" -- I mean, it was really designed for a skid steer, not a 28.5 hp CUT. On the one I got, concentrating all the cutting force to just 3-4 teeth does makes cutting roots easier than using a regular toothed bucket.

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    A "no name" Stump Bucket that works really well

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    Default Re: Stump bucket

    Less teeth an less width makes for better stump removal. I tried digging out some stumps with the 12" bucket on my B 26 and it didnt dig too well in the hard ground. I changed to the 7" bucket and it made a world of difference. I suppose the same principle is involved with the stump bucket attachment. Even with the 7" bucket, I many times picked up the whole tractor trying to get it into the ground so I dont think the stump bucket would work in my hard stoney ground with a small tractor. Maybe it would do for the P 7010 it I put some water in the front tires.
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