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    Default Re: Broke Check Link

    Quote Originally Posted by rwork View Post
    Yes, I've been very happy with them. Way out in the middle of nowhere, but they're a family business and have been there for 50 years. The place ain't pretty, but they're great folks. Inside almost looks like an old country store. They have parts stacked around for just about any kind of implement you could imagine. It's one of those places where you can go get your supplies, and they ask " do you want me to put this on your ticket?"
    That is really cool. They get a and from me in Maine.

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    Default Re: Broke Check Link

    I broke one of my links the other weekend when I was bush hogging at dear camp. I replaced both of them because I bent the other earlier. To me, they are a poor design. I think this winter that I am going to redesign them or maybe adapt some different ones to the tractor.
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    Default Re: Broke Check Link

    I broke one a while back also... Dealer got me one for free..

    Anyone have any ideas for a different style to replace these with?
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    Default Re: Broke Check Link

    Quote Originally Posted by joemd11 View Post
    I just went to the dealer today to get a link and some other supplies. I bent mine a while back and figure I better replace it before it breaks. Of course it wasn't in stock and had to be ordered. I think it was $53 plus tax.
    Thats not bad for price. When I went to buy just the pin for my drawbar which is 1 1/8" x about 2" it was priced at $38. Hard to believe a simple pin can be that much.
    Breaking a stabilizer link is one of the things that I have never had the misfortune to do. Broke a lot of other stuff though. Bent the 3 PH pins on the box blade and had to replace them. This from hitting huge rocks and stuff going forward. I rarely try to push any thing in reverse. I did have a weird thing happen with my box blade. I was using the scarifiers to loosen up soil and dig up the rocks. I had shortened up on the top link and was just idling along rather slow and heard a little change in engine sound. Looked back and the boxblade had flipped over with the top link down by the drawbar. I didnt know that could happen. I guess the top link attachment point on the box blade is too short or something. I looked like I had pulled forward without even having the top link hooked up. No damage but it looked like it might could have gotten into the tires and rode them up. Dont know what would have happened then, but it would have been ugly for sure.
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    Default Re: Broke Check Link

    Good price for the links; I paid near 75 each for them thru a New Holland dealer. I have bent mine, broke them and fabricated new ones; but having the keeper pins come off and loosing them; that's a bummer. The lower pin on the tractor actually broke out on mine; so i drilled it out and installed a large bolt with a locknut; don't think I will loose that one..
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