Hi again,

The tractor is doing rather fine (or rather was....) I did the 50 hours service yesterday, the French importer (honestly a douchbag...) for LS specifies that the transmission oil must be changed as well as the filters, seemed like a waste but I went along with it, I used the old oil for a very old David Brown 880 Selectmatic tractor that had been running "mayonnaise" in its internals .

I do have a issue I was hopping the oil change would solve nut it hasn't , the bloody HST pedal has started being lazy (1 to 2 second lag) when coming back to the center position, it started around 45 hours and hasn't improved a bit with the maintenance.

It only does this when running the engine with a range selected (ie moving) if I play with the pedals in neutral it works just fine....

Now I'm going to try to see if I can fix it by cleaning and lubricating the linkage (the V notch thing included) but in case this isn't the solution has anybody else ever had the issue ?

Cheers from europe