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    Default Re: Any CAB options for R4041 ?

    Cabs are not cheep as I stated to begin with but man do they look nice! Making your own isn't easy, and you really need to have mad skills and the propper equipment to make one equal to the factory. I am not doubting your skills you may have them and the equipment to boot, I am just making a statement is all I know I couldn't make one even close to a factory finish. Take another look at the SIMS site when I added it up it didn't seem that bad, there is only one type that is made for your tractor I think that was the middle one.
    I don't think the cabs for the newer line of LS tractors will fit the older units, even the fenders on the new ones seem to have been shapped to fit the cab they seem to have a flat area for the cabs. Well atleast from the pictures I have seen.
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    Oh no, not by any stretch of the imagination would I hope to make 1 as nice as Factory. I'm talking about angle iron, plexi glass and weather stripping...

    Basically just a closed enclosure for plowing in the winter, so I can keep out of the wind, and run a little 12 volt heater. I don't mind sweating in the summer, so I would only be using a canopy during the really hot days.

    I was just hoping to get a look at some of the options out there so I can start brainstorming.

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    Default Re: Any CAB options for R4041 ?

    I would think for snow blowing one of the canvas cabs that have the shroud that routes engine heat back to warm it up might do the trick. I have no experience with any of them other than my factory cab which is nice, quiet, insulated with heat and AC and radio/stereo should one car for music. Personally I rarely turn mine own and would probably have to look in the book to see how to make it work but the heat and AC I know how to use.
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