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    Default Top and Tilt on a R3039H

    I've been thinking about installing a TNT on my R3039H. One of the concerns I have is the location of the rear remote levers on my tractor. They are next to the seat just to the right of my thigh. I won't be able to see the top link while operating the remote lever when hooking up the top link to an implement. I always have to adjust the top link when swapping between the cutter and box blade. This is easy with the threaded top link. I think it would be a pain with a hydraulic top link. I don't have a quick hitch.

    Is this a compromise I am going to have to make in order to realize the other significant benefits of a TNT set up?


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    Default Re: Top and Tilt on a R3039H

    If the cutter and box blade are QH compatible, get the QH and TNT, it's not that much more. The combo makes changing implements a breeze and not worth the compromise/concerns you would create. You will thank yourself profusely!

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    Default Re: Top and Tilt on a R3039H

    Even if you do not go with the QH once you do get the top link hooked up(your pain) you will REALLY enjoy the TNT set up makes life so much easier. Good luck. I forgot if you do go with TNT give Brian at Fit Rite Hydraulics a holler a wealth of information.

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