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    Default F11 error codes and bad grounds

    Just had my XR3135h to the dealer. I bought it in April new. Has 130 hrs now, but it shot me a F11 (81) code at about 80 hrs. It happened right after a regen. By the way, it's first regen was at 14hrs??? and have had several more at strange times, so the every 50 hr thing is myth, but that's another story.
    I called the dealer. Mechanic said code is most likely bogus and related to malfunction, possibly caused by bad ground connections. He later showed me a service bulletin that required all ground connections to painted services be removed, treated and returned. I think this was on all XR30 and XR40 series machines. Yes, it seems they tried to ground to painted surfaces... Silly mistake easily fixed. No big deal.
    So he did that and the reset (no you can't remove battery cable and it will go away: has to be plugged into THEIR computer) and code went away and hasn't come back.
    Love the machine though ! Not sarcasm. Really has been very well performing other than this little glitch. Just thought this would clear up some other things I saw on the issue that conflicted with what I experienced. Apparently, this has to be done to many models that are out there, so you might want to check with a dealer to see if yours needs the grounds cleaned up.
    Are the poor ground connections the cause of the code alert? Maybe. Not sure. Not sure if LS is sure. But if mine doesn't go off again, then I would guess, it probably was a bad ground.

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    Default Re: F11 error codes and bad grounds

    Great info, thx!

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    Default Re: F11 error codes and bad grounds

    I've had my XR3037HC back twice for bad ground connections. Nothing in the past year.

    I hate chasing ghosts.

    Glad to have a good mechanic/detective at my dealer.

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    Default Re: F11 error codes and bad grounds

    I had mine to the dealer at about 22 hours with the F11 code. It popped up at the end of my first regen cycle. After a couple of weeks of "tinkering with it" they reset it and it has not re-appeared. I went through my 2nd Regen the other day at 47 hours the other day with no errors.

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