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    Default Buying new tractor. Need help

    Hi everybody. Am new to tractors and therefore new to this site. Just moved to northwestern Maine to old farmhouse and 25 acres. I picked a bad time (Nov 1) and year to do this. Am up to my armpits in snow. Haven't seen mailbox in a month, wife has to tiptow to see out kitchen window because of snow and snowblower is on it's last legs due to overwork. Have decided to buy tractor to handle next years supply as well as maintain my property. I have been doing much research and shopping and also reading posts on this site (it is habit forming) and I have lots of questions although I will not ask them all now. I have posted this thread on the Mahindra forum because I keep coming back to this brand as the best value/quality for the money. If any non Mahindra user happens to read this post and can convince me not to go this route, please try as I am about to take the plunge soon. I have pretty much narrowed my choices to the 4530 or the 5530 and possibly I might take another look at the 4110 although it seemed a little tight fitting when I sat in it at the dealers last week. I know the dealer you buy from is very important, however I am limited in choices in this area. The closest dealer is 65 miles. My first question (There will be more) concerns the models I have mentioned. Does anyone have experience or first hand knowledge of these models? Especially the 5530 as I can find little on the internet on this model. My expected uses will be: moving snow, clearing land, hauling trees for firewood, setting garden plots, grading my driveway and anything else I can think of. The latter use is just to maximize seat time of course.

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    Default Re: Buying new tractor. Need help

    The 4530 has been around a couple years, the 5530 is a relatively new model. These are very heavy tractors, and as such I prefer the 5530 in this size range as the 45 is sluggish in high range. The 55 uses a heavier front axle also, although I've never seen a 45 front axle failure. That's just my input.
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    Default Re: Buying new tractor. Need help

    Do a needs analysis. How much PTO do you need? What do you want to use the tractor for in the non winter months?
    I think if you are on the low end - 4110 vs 4530 - 4530.
    If you think you need more tractor - 5530 vs 5500 vs 6000 - Look at value for your dollar, and give the 00 series a chance. Go bigger than you think you need. When I started looking - I compared the 4530 to the 5500 (5530 was not avail then). I ended up with a 6500 - but I have 70 acres. Do the needs analysis and don't worry about price fluctations between the models of 10 and 15%-considering the financing terms and warranty. Get what you need. Look at the attachments. Also when you step above 6 ft on attachments it gets real expensive. I use 6ft attachments and pretty much use the 6500 just for heavy loader work - I stay in 1 and 2nd gear alot. Buy Skid steer compatible for your loader - you won't regret it.

    Hope this helps you.

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