Hi everyone,

I've been a member for some time now and have passively been shopping for over a year. I am getting very close to sealing my fate and choosing one tractor for the rest of my life ( or at least until it falls apart from underneath me) Ive set my sites on a 3016 shuttle as I feel it will serve me well but I am having some troubles. My local dealers cannot seem to find any of these tractors around and my biggest issue is fit of the operators station. I was wondering if any of you have images of the operators station of a 3016/3616 with shuttle. I am specifically looking for accelerator placement and room from the clutch to the seat. also where 4x4 engagement levers and diff lock pedals are located. Any images would help. My dealer is still looking for one for me and I am hoping he finds one so I can sit on it but until he does I was hoping my fellow tractor enthusiasts could perhaps assist me.

thanks much