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First post to this forum, NEWBIE! I too couldn't make up my mind 28xl, 3016,3616. I have 6 acres of flat fine loam pasture. No care for 50 years.

I used a Bobcat 122 (about the physical size of xl28) to rotary cut weeds and I needed a chiroprator when I was done. I feel the 28xl is good size for my small farm but I'm afraid, if I don't go with 3016 or 3616, I will be lame before I get the land prepared. Sooo I thought 3016 would be a good compromise. but could it handle a large rototiller? I have a 9N and 2b plow, disc, lister and cultivator from dad, but the 9N doesn't run. Hence looking for new tractor. Will the 3016 basically handle larger implements in good soil?

Should I just man up and buy 28xl for 2yrs, getting the land setup and stay small and less expensive. I would think it would be good size for maintence.
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I'd say if you want to push the envelope a little on implement size for a mower or tiller, than I'd suggest the 3616. It is 8 HP more, which is substantial when mowing tall grass or tilling. The 3616 uses a little larger tire (if you go with the R4 tires) than the 3016, and you could air them down a little and get a better ride.