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    Default 4035 Vs. 5010

    Hi all,

    So, after spending the last few months checking the other brands, we've pretty much decided on getting a Mahindra. Mahindra tractors seem the be very well like by their owners (you guys) and have great specs. So the real hard part is deciding which model. The local dealer has both on the lot. The 4035 has the shuttle and the 5010 is gear.

    Pros/cons for both:

    -very heavy for it's size ( 500lbs heavier than the 5010!)
    -12sp shuttle
    -Great reputation
    -Ergonomics (cup holders!)

    -Less power
    -Lower capability implements (loader and backhoe)
    -Higher MSRP


    -Lower MSRP
    -More power
    -Greater capacity implements


    -Larger in size/worse turning radius
    -Higher cost of implements, and probably maintenance costs too.
    -Lighter weight than the 4035
    -Unsure of the reputation of the Korean manufacturer.

    We worked up out the door price quotes today and including for both, loader, backhoe and 5' brush mower. The dealer has had the 4035 for a while and knocked $2k off the price. So now they are about the same price, within $1,500.

    Really for me it's kind of a coin toss. We have 20 acres of rough land that has been cleared by an excavator. Lots of stumps from when it was logged in 2000, lots of brush piles to deal with and firewood logs to skid around.
    We plan on about half to be pasture with the rest being park like with fruit trees and other things that require water and sun.

    It would be nice to have the higher capability implements of the 5010, but once the work is done the land will need just maintenance.

    It's a big purchase of course, and I want to get it right.

    Decisions, decisions!


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    Default Re: 4035 Vs. 5010

    Have you considered the 30 series? They're more of a utility tractor but quite a hoss. I'd consider them over the 10 series. You could even find used 00 series tractors.

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    Default Re: 4035 Vs. 5010


    I agree with jwcinpk, look at the 30 series. With the extra hp your not going to be limited with size of implements. Also, the 30 series are India built. Be sure to have a minimum of two remotes for hydraulic implement needs. Three is even better but that depends on what your future needs are. I have a 5530 Turbo gear and use it on 80 acres.


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