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    Default Re: 8560 open platform loader price paid?

    Sweet! Yea I forgot to metion that the tires were loaded. Good luck with her. Glade to see some more 8560 guys and girls on her.

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    Default Re: 8560 open platform loader price paid?

    I bought an 8560 in march. Paid $36,000. It's open station, FWD with a loader. I'm a dairy farmer and it's my main and currently only tractor. It does everything and does it well! From pulling and tandem axle manure spreader to raking hay...... from handling round bales (wet or dry) to clipping pastures, it's great and so is my dealer. The only reason I don't have another tractor is because I'm waiting on the 100+ HP Mahindras. I thought about buying used until I saw the prices for Deeres and others with lots of hours going for WAY too much money! With the build quality, warranty, and price, you just can't go wrong.......

    Concerning overheating and emissions....... I've had ZERO problems with overheating. There are actually screens in front of the rad, so it's really easy to clean. Also, you shouldn't need to clean it every couple of hours except in extreme conditions. I've brush hogged overgrown pastures with no problems.

    Emissions....... Yeah, there are issues. No deal breakers, though, and all will be made right by dealer. I had the emission light on for quite awhile. It turned out to be an electrical ground problem. These problems have nothing to do with the Mahindra engines. Most brand guys I talked to are concerned about these tier IV emission issues. Gumming up these diesel farm tractors is ridiculous! Great Tractors! Hoping to add one to the "stable" next year!

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    Quote Originally Posted by LAWALLSTRACTOR View Post
    What do you know there it is if you can read it.
    I purchased a 2012 Mahindra 8560 4x4 open station with loader for $28,886 cash out the door back in June. They charged me another $600 for delivery. It was 200 miles each way. They were $5000 cheaper than the two dealers closer. I have to say, after driving construction equipment for the past 18 years, this is a very nice tractor and can handle just about anything. It is well worth the money and you get more for your money than you do with the big three. If I had to do it over again after owning this tractor for a couple of months I would buy it again.

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