I have a Ford 4610 2wd 7310 loader and has and is agreat tractor for 22 years but at age 59 I would like to treat myself with c/a 4wd tractor and been looking and comparing tractors I am considering buying a 6110 I think it would do all I want and give me the most bang for the buck but I will probably by a Kubota 7040 with T3 emmisions if I can,Why? After reading the paper about all the problems between u.s. and korea I feel I will end up with a tractor that will rapidly depreciate in value like Farmtrak or long and parts would be a issue. I have a great dealer and Mahindra is a good tractor. Mahindra my kubota says is the #1 selling tractor but is listed around #7 in quality,Mahindra 6110 is made by TYM they would have to get parts from TYM Korea they can say well it aint mahindra fault we a waiting on TYM to get parts from them then we can fix your tractor. I talked to a guy that was probably the last TYM daeler in Fla. and he told me that he had issues with the factory about paying for warranty claims and would not answer phone calls and them to come get their tractors well I don't know about that but there is not a TYM dealer in the state of Fla,what do you do Ilike the 6110 for 24k no loader and think its a great deal with T3 emissions that is the thing now I have waited and all new tractor under 75hp will have t4 e and in 2014 or 15 will have DEF with particulate filter.