Well, for over 5 years now I've been repairing my FWD on my 4110 and I'm going to hopefully take care of the problem once and for all - I'm replacing the rear tires with the proper size. Really hate having to change those expensive jewels, they've got between 50 - 75% tread left on them and have never had a flat on either one but I've already spent enough in repairs to pay for the replacements. I guess I'm going to put new ones on the front too, they are a little under 50% tread left and have had a couple repairs on them. I've been in contact with Titan Tires and Mahindra both and with what you guys have discussed online here at times I'm hoping the 16.9x24's will fix the problem permanently. Been shopping around online but no one has beaten my local Co-op on prices yet. Actually I found a couple places with very similar pricing but the shipping costs blows it. Anyone out there got a good place to buy within say, 150 miles or so of Nashville, Tn. ? Anyone need a good pair of Titan 17.5L-24 R4's ?