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    Default Re: 6500 problem

    Quote Originally Posted by cowsmowmygrass View Post
    Yes, a full tank reduces condensation and keeps the tank coated with diesel to prevent rust.
    So, how important is fresh fuel?
    Does it not deteriorate over time? How long can a tank be left in there and still perform?
    In our humid climate, we have issues with algae also.
    If diesel remains in the tank for a year, with just incremental amounts added a couple times during that year, what kind of issues will that cause?
    Are some of the additives ok to use? keep the cetane up, prevent algae, remove water, etc.
    I use Power Service Diesel Fuel Supplement +Cetane Boost.
    HAPPY NEW YEAR hugs, Brandi

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    Default Re: 6500 problem

    Was confident enough today to disasssemble the fuel line system. Now, I have some questions about how pumps, valves and flow work.
    6500 problem-filterhousingandhandpump-jpg

    Should I be able to blow air, like blowing a kid's balloon, in th direction of fuel flow?

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