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    Default Trailer tires??

    I have a 18ft car hauler trailer that i tow my tractor with. the tires on it are 205/65/15. My question is this i have a set of 235/75/15 that has a good amount of tread on them. Well these fit under my trailer or will i just have to stick with the 205's? they work pretty good they just seem to small for me and the fact that the weight of the 3525/FEL/Bushhog on them. i figured i would ask this here since yall are more use to these tractors and towing them. thanks yall.

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    Default Re: Trailer tires??

    I'm pretty sure they'll fit -- the important thing to look at is the weight rating on the tires.
    my 7k trailer came with similar "low profile" tires and after one blew out on the way home, I checked their weight ratings.
    each tire was rated for a max of 1400 pounds - on a trailer rated for 7000 - not a good thing.
    i swapped them out for a set of (4) 235/75R15 light truck tires each rated for 2200 pounds so if i have 1 go flat, I'm at least not dangerously overloading the other 3 until I can pull over.
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    Default Re: Trailer tires??

    thanks man i went out and checked all my tires since i bought the trailer new with used tires 7000 pound trailer myself. I found out that they all average around 1400 pounds myself. the most was 1654 and the least was 1047. the set i have is a Goodyear Wrangler rts 235/75/15 and there rating was 2028. I think im gonna swap these used ones for the used Goodyears i have, plus they have more tread on them then the ones that are on the trailer right now. hopefully there fit lol.
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    Default Re: Trailer tires??

    I think they will. Good luck

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