Just thought I'd post this in case anyone else runs into similar problems. I noticed a couple of weeks back while cutting with the bush hog that the 4025 cut out once or twice, and I thought to myself - must be the fuel filter. Other than those cut outs everything ran fine.

Today when I was of course half a mile away from my tools, the same cut out happened. This time it completely stalled. I took a look at everything I could think of from a diagnosis perspective, including following the manual I bled the fuel filter, drained any water (there wasn't any) and checked every safety switch I could think of. Also checked the fuses, everything was good.

It would turn over, but wouldn't start. Just when I was about to pull it back in, we noticed that the small 8 mm nut that holds on one of the wires on the fuel pump was loose. a few turns and everything is back in business. I'm not sure if it was always loose or worked its way off slowly over time.

Hopefully this saves someone time in the future.