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    Default Glow plug light stays on but won't crank

    Hey Y'all. I have a 4110 with 18 hours on it. I went out a couple weeks ago, turned key to glow plug, and the glow plug made an awful moan and then the light went out. Tried to crank but nothing. It wouldn't even tick. I figure battery. Threw a charger on there and still nothing. But, without a key in the ignition the glow plug light came on and stayed on. Dealer came over and took battery with him to check it. He charged it, installed it, and tractor started. Then Saturday I jumped on ready to roll for the first time since that happened and it did it again. Dealer came over, same glow plug light and wouldn't crank. We jumped it off, it started but then when we turned the key off, the tractor would not turn off. We unplugged the glow plug and the light is still on in the dash. When you try to hook glow plug connector back it sparks. So we know there is constant fire going to glow plugs. WIERD situation. It's under warranty so I am not worried but does anyone have any ideas. Me and the dealer are lost! By the way, we put a brand new different battery in this afternoon and it still does this same stuff. Thanks for any feedback!

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    Default Re: Glow plug light stays on but won't crank

    It certainly isn't the battery. You have a dead short in the electrical system some where. I would give a new ignition switch a try. I am definately not the best electrical man here, maybe some of the others on TBN can help you track it down.
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    Default Re: Glow plug light stays on but won't crank

    Burnt out glow plug relay would be my guess .

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    Default Re: Glow plug light stays on but won't crank

    I would also look at the glow plug relay first, on my older 4110 it's mounted out front of the radiator next to the horn. Another possiblity would be a problem with the glow plug timer relay which is behind the dash panel on mine, you have to remove the 4 screws holding the dash in and the relay is mounted on the firewall in the upper right side. Good luck with it -
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