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    Default 2615 Won't start when cold

    Went to start yesterday, about 27 degrees cranked, but barely. Bought a brand new battery, replaced positive terminal, cranked and started right up. I turned it off a few second later to secure air intake, hood and fenders. went to start again but it just cranked and cranked till new battery went dead. this morning after battery charged overnight just cranked and cranked, wouldn't start. Checked filter, fuel wasn't gelled, even had kerosen turbo heater blowing on the tractor for 1/2 hour, still wouldn't start. Finally sprayed a tiny shot of staring fluid and she started right up and chugged some nasty black smoke for a minute or 2. Same thing happened once last winter.

    Anybody else have this problem?

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    Default Re: 2615 Won't start when cold

    I had that problem with my 2615. Mine is an 04 and the glow plug timer is different than an 06. (shorter cycle time). My glow plugs (2 of 3) went bad and I had to buy new ones.
    The first step would be to make sure your fuel hasn't gelled by looking at the fuel bowl filter. If there is no waxy looking buildup it should be OK. Then pull the air filter and make sure it isn't dirty or plugged. Next I'd check the glow plugs to see if they are getting power when the key is turned on. They should have battery voltage to the bus bar that connects them all when the key is turned on for the length of the timer cycle. If this checks out you need to check the plugs individually. To do this you need to disconnect the bus bar that ties them all together then use an ohm meter to measure resistance of each to ground. I pulled mine out and checked them that way. In my case I had one plug completely shorted to ground, one plug open with no indication leaving one good plug trying to start the tractor.
    Since starting fluid did let it start I'm betting you have a bad plug or two.
    I also installed a lower hose in line heater available at most auto parts stores. I plug it in an hour or two before use to pre heat the coolant.
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    Default Re: 2615 Won't start when cold

    George has the diagnosis flow chart down well, and I think you probably do have a bad glow plug or 2. For help on even colder days I would install a plug in cooling system heater. I keep them in stock and usually install one on all the new tractors I sell as it may help my customer may appreciate it on a very cold day.
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