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    Default Cold weather starting

    Hi All
    I purchased a new 2615 2 years ago and have had a continuing problem with cold starting. The engine starts really well down to about 50 degrees. At about that temp the engine cranks well but refuses to start. Lots of white unburned diesel smoke though. Anyone else have this trouble? I can hear the glow plug solenoid kick out but haven't tested them to see if they work.The tractor is still under warranty but the dealer is not much help. Thanks

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    Default Re: Cold weather starting

    I'd ohm out the glowplugs to see if the resistance of them is all w/i spec. You will know if one is bad because it will read a much higher value. Let us know what you find out.

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    Default Re: Cold weather starting

    I am almost sure their was an updated glow plug timer for your tractor...It allows the glow plugs to time out at like 12-15 secs vrs the 5 sec one you may have.
    Check how long the orange light on the dash stays on for if it is close to the 12-15 seconds you may have a gloe plug issue.
    I not sure if the glow plugs are covered under warranty in the second year I will ask my service writer.
    Hopefully they are cause there are $$$$
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    Default Re: Cold weather starting

    Just unplug the wire on the controller sensor on the top water outlet. Puts the contoller in timer mode only and you get the full 10-12 seconds every time. That in conjunction with a lower hose heater and you will be starting like it's July! Provided of course that your Gplugs are all functional?

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    Default Re: Cold weather starting

    I have a 2004 2615HST. It has the 5 second timer. New tractors have a longer timer like Wallace says. I have replaced my glow plugs. Two of three went bad. Since then I use two methods to start mine.

    First I plug in the lower inline hose heater I installed. (actually I have it plugged into a heavy duty appliance timer set to come on two hours before I get home from work) It preheats the coolant to about 140 degrees in about 1 1/2 hours.

    Second, since I have the 5 second timer I cycle the key three times before cranking. I turn on the key till the glow plug lite goes out then shut it off and repeat the cycle three times. After the third time I crank and it starts right up.

    Today at 3 PM it was 8 degrees F, I cycled the key and cranked it over and she fired right up. I did not use the lower hose heater to preheat the coolant since it wasn't plugged into the timer. I let it run just above idle for about 5 minutes before moving it.

    My tractor was also into its second year when the glow plugs went bad. They were not covered under warranty according to my dealer.

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    Default Re: Cold weather starting

    To my knowledge there was no timer or glow plug update on the 2615 but there was one on the 2015 model.
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