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    Default Starting issue...

    I just got a 3510 that only has 140 hours on it. The first few days I used it... all was well. I went to start it yesterday and it made a click and that was it.

    A few other factors:
    *it's very cold here right now, but the tractor is in a carport
    *glow plug light come on, as does the headlights, etc.
    *I have had the tractor on a charger for most of the day, still no luck.

    Does anyone have any ideas??? We have about 30" of snow on the ground now and are expecting 10-20 more tonight.

    I don't know much about tractors, but to me it appears to be a starter issue. I have tapped on the starter a few times but still nothing. I was thinking of taking a hair dryer to the starter later to see if maybe it got condensation in it and then froze. ???

    The other tractor we have here has a plug-in to keep it warm. I don't see anything like this on the Mahindra.... does anyone know if it has one.


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    Default Re: Starting issue...

    Do you know how to, or have you tried jump starting. Have you tested your battery? If your battery test is good, look in your owners manual trouble shooting section if there is one. Make sure your PTO levers are totally disengaged. Perhaps your tractor has a seat safety switch that has failed. If so, try to by pass the switch. Some tractors will not allow you to start the tractor unless you are in the seat.
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    Default Re: Starting issue...

    Make sure your PTO button is in the off position and you are pushing the clutch in.
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    Default Re: Starting issue...

    Sounds like you might live in the mid-atlantic LOL - I ditto what Lawalls tractor said. Make sure your PTO is off.

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    Default Re: Starting issue...

    Stellerfarmcheck with these:
    Neutral all Shifters.
    Disengage PTO.
    Cause: Remedy

    Air in fuel system ------------------- Bleed the System
    Clogged fuel filter ------------------- Clean or replace both filters
    No fuel being supplied--------------- Fill tank or turn tap on


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    Default Re: Starting issue...

    Thank you for your help!!

    A friend came over and saw that some wire (it's kind of a small male/female connection) that is between some cylinder and the starter. I guess snow or some moisture got in there and it started to corrode. He wiped it clean with his fingers and placed the 2 pieces together. It started right up! WHEW! I am SO thankful!!!

    We are in VA. I keep telling myself to be grateful for these back to back blizzards because it sure would beat being in Haiti!!

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