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    Default Re: how to bleed fuel lines

    I agree with everything said here except loosening all the injector lines. It only takes one.
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    Default Re: how to bleed fuel lines

    That is the way I was shown so I've always done it this way. Next time (hopefully there is no next time) I'll just try with one

    Thanks for the help though!

    Quote Originally Posted by AGGIE00 View Post
    I agree with everything said here except loosening all the injector lines. It only takes one.

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    Default Re: how to bleed fuel lines

    I should mention that I tried cracking open an injector, but no fuel ever came out. I cranked it 3 or 4 times (15 sec at a time, with several minute breaks to let the starter rest a little).

    The cock valve on the injector pump is awesome. Tractor started on the first try (cranked 10 sec or so), and I never even got any fuel on my hands.

    Or that would be a for the grease monkeys.

    - djb
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    Default Re: how to bleed fuel lines

    Ya know this is all new to me. I have a 2810, and have run it dry several times the first week i took delivery. The only thing i did was put fuel in the filter , tighten it up, get on and turn the key. A couple of seconds later it started and i was in business again. This is the easiest tractor i have ever started in this situation. Love my Mahindra! . . .John
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    Default Re: how to bleed fuel lines

    The recomended proceedure really is easier then that.
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    Default Re: how to bleed fuel lines

    On my1860, changed both fuel filters..i have a small air bubble in the top filter...will this cause a problem...engine starts, a little rough at first but then seems to run smother ....Thanks for your help

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    Default Re: how to bleed fuel lines

    I always start my tractor and let it warm up before changing the fuel filter. If I have a loss of power when using it, I just shut it down as soon as I can get it back to the shop. I only have one small filter with the plastic site glass and two bleed screws and shut off valve. I shut the fuel off loosen the glass and drop the filter, catching any spillage. After cleaning the glass and filter area I install new filter but I DO NOT tighten the filter. When it is almost tight I turn the fuel on and watch that the glass fills. When full I tighten the glass and start engine at a high idle and run until the air if any is out. I never used the screws on the filter to bleed, or cracked the injector lines. If I was going to crack the injector lines, it would be the furtherest from the pump. After 3 diesel tractors and 4 diesel trucks I think I have it down now!!!!

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