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    Default Mahindra break-in

    I was reading some posts from the "other" brands and was interested in the discussion on new tractor break-in. The dealer didn't say anything to me about it...anybody else have comments or opinions? Thanks!

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    My dealer did not mention it either. The first thing I did was drive mine down to the truck stop that evening it was delivered and top off the tank, then I drove it to school the next morning to showw off to my fellow teachers and students my new purchase. After reading the owners manual the next day, I hope I did not make a big mistake by running it wihout a load!! Have been more carefull since then. Chet

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    Default Re: Mahindra break-in

    I've been using mine as normally as I can...not running for hours on end, no really heavy work (yet...but it's coming!). Hope that's ok for break-in!

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