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    Default Aux lights. Where and How?

    Looking to hook up two sets of lights I purchased from Harbor Freight: 55 watt=85 watt bulbs, you know, that new lighting stuff. Two of them are very small and for off road use only. Other two are the standard 3-4 inches high by 5-6 inches long. I have FEL and canopy on my Mahindra 6000. Looking for suggestions on how and where to mount these lights. Suggestions on how to wire such as hook into existing wiring under dash or add new wire right from battery and add new switch. FEL blocks alot of the light from front headlights unles keep FEL very low. Don't like to do this, especially at night. Thinking might want to add lights low on front end, but concerned about mowing high grass and hitting things. Any thoughts, pics, ideas?

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    Default Re: Aux lights. Where and How?

    People are going to jump all over me for this, but here it goes.
    OK, I'll come out and admit it. I drilled teeny weeny holes into my ROPS. I'm sorry but I had to do it. If it becomes a problem, I will weld them shut, I promise. I purchased 2 sets of 55 watt, low-profile spots and mounted them directly to the ROPS by...drilling....and tapping the holes. They're so small you can hardly see them. What's the big deal? Man, it looks so good and clean. Front and back. It looks like a mobile football stadium. It's actually too bright. The lights are the same height as the top ROPS bar. I'll post pics later or in the morning, and give more details of how I did it.

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    Default Re: Aux lights. Where and How?

    go to Newenglandtractors web page, click on backhoe then 511.. You'll see a picture with aux lights and how they're mounted

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