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    Default New Mahindra 4025 2wd but got questions

    I got my first Mahindra today 4025 w/loader (2wd). tried her out on some brush piles and works great. I do have one question. the exhaust blows down but not very far so it all ends up right back in my face. Has anyone made any modifications to get that darn exhaust out of their face

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    Default Re: New Mahindra 4025 2wd but got questions

    I was thinking about putting an extension on my 4025 just to keep it off of the loader frame and making a large soot spot. I have never had it in my face. You might just check for a leak or loose clamp, enjoy your new machine.

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    Default Re: New Mahindra 4025 2wd but got questions

    I also have a 4025 I bought last year. I had the same problem while clearing brush and under growth where there was no breeze blowing. I went to the local truck stop and bought a 12 volt fan, like they mount in the truck cabs. I mounted it to the right rear corner of the canopy where it could blow towards the back of my head. It keeps the exaust away and helps with the summer heat.

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