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    Default Re: mahindra quality

    Hi Guys,

    I am a drag racer & car guy just starting to learn about tractors, but I see a lot of cross over type problems.....

    If you have an electric auxiliary cooling fan you can just install a Double Pole / Double Throw with an off in the middle....

    That way you can reverse the fan rotation and use it to remove debris......

    Might work and it would cost less than $10.00 (and a little labor) to try...

    Good luck,

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    Default Re: mahindra quality

    I am guessing that the overheating is being noticed by the temp gauge. If so has any testing been done to determine if the gauge and or sending unit is bad and or accurate?

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    Default Re: mahindra quality

    I just "set the hook" on a new 3016 HST with AG tires, a loader, and box scraper; I bought it from Valley View Tractor & Equipment Inc. in Newberg, Oregon. This is my first tractor and I am totally amped-up over it.

    I'll take delivery of the tractor some time this week; the buying process was pretty darn good even though I forgot my calculator and spreadsheet.

    Man oh man, understanding all the payment options was like playing with a Rubik's cube with my feet, and while blindfolded.

    They were professional; honest, friendly, patient (it took me 5 years to decide), knowledgeable, and they were asking reasonable prices for their product(s).

    I went in there with a solid explanation of my equipment needs, a very-good credit rating, a fixed budget, and a bunch of questions.

    Much thanks to all the posts and replies in these forums; it really helps!

    I got exactly what I want/need and I stayed in my "retired platoon sergeant's" budget.
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    Default Re: mahindra quality

    Enjoy... hope you've got lots of land so you don't run out of projects.

    A few times I have been way to eager to help neighbors just to get more seat time.

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