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    Default C4005 fuel tank drain

    Mornin folks. I am going to replace the fuel tank drain,gasket, and bolt on my C4005 because the gasket was shot and I noticed a piece of teflon tape hanging down from the drain-to-tank threads(i couldn't actually see the connection due to FEL and chassis.)Questions--Should I use teflon tape on the new connection? Will I have to drain and dry the fuel tank 1st? The service manual is no help(Looks like it was written for a politicion).

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    Default Re: C4005 fuel tank drain

    I don't like using teflon tape on anything hydralic, or fuel lines. You have a fuel strainer and fuel filter in between your tank and your injection pump. But any little piece of teflon tape that gets into something like that raises *&%^(*& with it.. I'd use some Permatex on the threads... Good luck, Jerry
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