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    Default Thinking about getting a Mahindra Max25

    I would like to hear from anyone who has a Max 25. Do you like it , any problems and how is the Mower?

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    Default Re: Thinking about getting a Mahindra Max25

    What are you needing it for? I have a Max25, delivered end of June,I now have 35 hours on it almost all mowing. The MM deck is real nice,runs smooth and you can run quite fast with it. I find high range to be pretty much useless except for mowing, light towing, and transport. Low range with the front end engaged is fantastic. Plenty of power and traction to the ground. Altho I have nothing but a guess as to the weight,I have hauled some fairly impressive bucket loads with out feeling the need for a counter weight.
    All in all I am quite happy with my choice.

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    Default Re: Thinking about getting a Mahindra Max25

    I have the MAX 22 and love it. I have done a lot of earth moving (about 70 yards, half of which was 2 inch rock) as well as some large boulders, one of which I estimated to be 1000 pounds, but given that the max rate is 900 perhaps I am guessing high. I did place a weight box with Pat's easy hitch with about 500 pounds on the back. I also have a 5' rear finish mower which does a very nice job and I have mowed some much longer grass than recommended. I also have a ratchet rake for the bucket which I have used for clearing small trees and saplings, up to 4 inches in size. It has done far more than I imagined and I am very, very happy. I am picking up my front mount snow blower and I am told they are going to have a soft cab, which will be very nice in the winter when I am blowing snow. The 25 HP would be nice, but thus far I have not found the need.

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