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    Default Re: New Owner - Very Happy - Plus - got the Jacket....

    Right on. I didn't mean to lecture, sorry. I don't even know what I was talking about, as I do it both ways myself, and definitely have battle scars all over the hood and grill of my tractor too. However let me just throw out a plug for the ratchet rake - if you're gonna go forward and use the loader bucket to crush and drag out the brush, the teeth on a ratchet rake or tooth-bar really help get the job done! Roots and all.

    I don't see that fancy jacket in any of the pics though!

    Can't wait to check out the root grapple, too. I think that will be my ideal tractor range, and hopefully next machine - a 4035 (or maybe Kioti DK40) with a grapple (and a backhoe, if I'm rich enough).

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    Default Re: New Owner - Very Happy - Plus - got the Jacket....

    Agreed on the root grapple - If I would have had it - it would have been a much more interesting video! I can't want to get ahold of that sucker. No more on and off the tractor 4 times to get a log chained up for dragging, etc..

    And it will do wonders for the roots as well. Instead of hours of pulling the bucket blade down to gather all of the ground cover and top roots, etc - just let that sucker down and push em all forward.

    The ETA grapple is spot on to what I got (just from WR Long - part of my deal with my local dealer was to allow me to buy any implements at his cost for the first 12 months).

    Ted's video has me pumped - How To Use A Compact Root Grapple - YouTube

    Also - havn't had a chance to say it yet - this is my first tractor with the HST - all I can say is WOW. With alot of loader work and clearing, etc.. great upgrade. Maybe not for hay or field work - but the stuff I am doing - I am in love with that hydrostatic tranny

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