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    Default Re: Starts hard when cold.

    On my 2815 I cycle the glow plugs 2 times in cold weather. Helps a lot. Turn on switch, when glow plug light goes out, turn switch off, then back on again. When light goes out the second time, start it up.

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    Default Re: Starts hard when cold.

    Quote Originally Posted by Franklin View Post
    Hi Folks...thanks to all that responded. son and I...are going to replace the glow plugs first...seeing as it starts right up when it's warm. I live in the southern tip of Maine...near the it dosn't get super cold here.
    Definitely test the glow plugs before pulling them out. Glow plugs can fail, but often it is something (relay or controller) that is not delivering power to the glow plugs that is the fault.

    With a bit of bad luck, you can break a glow plug off in the head. Not fun to replace at that stage, and a double PITA if that turns out to not be the problem.

    See if you can track down a schematic/wiring diagram. If you need help reading the schematic, post a scan here, or even a hand drawn sketch snapped with a cell phone camera. The circuit should be pretty straight forward, and somebody on here can help you troubleshoot the power flow to the glow plugs.

    Rgds, D.

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    Default Re: Starts hard when cold.

    Doesnt need to be super cold to be hard starting. You are in Maine. What weight oil is in it?
    try 10W30 or even 5W40 synthetic if not under warranty. Make sure the battery is charged up good so it turns over faster. Both of these things can cause the engine to turn over slowly and diesels need to compress the fuel to make it explode. There is no spark. The glow plugs just warm things up in the cylinder to give it a hand. Full synthetic oil can have a wider viscosity spread without consequence because it does not use added modifiers to get the higher viscosity number. With the thinner cold weather oil, there is much less resistance and better flow for startup. If it doesnt seem to turn over as fast as it does in warm weather after these changes, then maybe the battery is weak and needs replacing. After that, I would start looking at the glow plugs. Batteries get weak cells after a while. They still work in nice weather but they wont do the job in cold weather. If you can check the acid or take it to autozone and have them check it, it may save you some time.

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    Default Re: Starts hard when cold.

    If the OP's 4110 is like my 2615 was it is probably the glow plugs. Definitely test them first as they are quite pricey. First, remove the wire that connects to the glow plug buss bar on the engine, Connect a DC meter (red) to the wire and (black) to the motor block or battery ground, turn switch on to cycle glow plug timer and read voltage. If voltage (11-12V) is there for the duration of the glow plug timer cycle it is OK, then you need to check they plugs with an ohmmeter. Remove the buss bar that connects them together, then use the ohmmeter between the top of the plug and ground. You should get a resistance reading. If no reading (doesn't change) the plug is open (bad), if it goes to zero it is shorted (bad).

    If all checks out good then it may be a fuel gelling problem if its cold (around 32 degrees or less) where you are requiring some fuel additive that prevents gelling.

    My guess will be one or more bad glow plugs.

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