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    Default 4500 battery

    I need to replace the battery on my 2006 4500.
    looks like if I remove the air cleaner canister and hose, maybe I can just reach in and pull the old one straight up and out. or is there an easier way ? remove front grill or... ? just thought I would ask before I skin my knuckles.

    any recommendations on what size/ type to replace it with ?


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    Default Re: 4500 battery


    We use the Interstate 31P-MHD battery. It is a perfect fit and has plenty of cranking amps.

    There really is no easy to do this job. The grille being out really gives better access.

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    Default Re: 4500 battery

    The best way to get the battery out is taking the 5 small bolts out of the red sheet metal under the grill and removing the horn or bent it up a little. Then you can roll the battery out the front.

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    Default Re: 4500 battery

    Remove the grill. It is really not that difficult. Going out the top is nearly impossible.

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