FYI for anybody that might be interested in running the Tractor Supply Co. Countyline 3pt hitch log splitter with a Mahindra 4110 (and possibly other models). I paid $750 for the splitter and about $100 for 2 hoses & 2 male hydraulic plugs. TSC has the 1/2" hydr lines in the length you'll need (I got the 6'). If you have the same 1/2 female couplers that my 4110 has, you'll need the TSC Pioneer VP8010-4P-DC 1/2 NPTH male hydr plugs. The log splitter comes with 'closed' valve & 'open' valve and I wasn't sure which one I needed, but the one installed in the splitter works fine. Using some Teflon tape I just put the 1/2" lines on the splitter & added the male plugs to the hoses. I then plugged the lines into the tractor so that when the hydr handle on the tractor was pulled forward, the splitter handle would work correctly i.e. go up when handle is up, down when it's down. I had to add some hydr oil to tractor after I tested the splitter so I assume it comes without fluid. I pull the tractor's hydr handle forward and tie it to the differential lock foot pedal. Then just put my tractor on a fast idle and split away. Works really well and cuts thru really tough knotted wood with ease. Hopes this helps anybody wanting to do the same. I'll try to add some pics later.