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    Default Re: Tried to send email to Mahindra throught thier website

    Quote Originally Posted by 2007 mega View Post
    I had the same problem when I bought My 2516 a few years ago. E-Mailed several times and got an out of office message and someone would cantact me every time. More E-Mails and a few weeks later E-Mailed that I was contacting the finance company and taking it back to the dealer. This was in the AM, by the afternoon got a call from dealer that my item was on the way. They took it off the line at the assy. plant and shipped it.
    Why wasn't your dealer doing this emailing and calling MUSA? I'm glad it all worked out for you, but I think a dealer is more than someone that just takes your money and leaves you to solve issues. When I buy local, I expect to never have to fight my own battles. Now if I bought from a dealer three states away to avoid/evade sales tax and ticked off my local dealer that spent hours and hours with me, that changes things some. They have only so many hours in a day, and need to use it wisely.

    Even so, MUSA needs to respond promptly to every email, I'm in agreement on that. But with 400 plus dealers, if the dealers aren't doing their job, MUSA would need a bunch of people to answer technical questions and parts questions for which they already have a trained dealer base. We are just a one location mid-size dealer, and we take a dozen calls a day about some sort of service or parts or implement question. Multiply that by 400 and you would need a different business model to handle that sort of volume.

    Just some thoughts, not really particular to your situation.
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    Default Re: Tried to send email to Mahindra throught thier website

    Got tired of his (dealer) BS . He is out of business now

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    Default Re: Tried to send email to Mahindra throught thier website

    I got my 54" bucket today along with my missing items. I appreciate the effort that Doug Snow put into making sure I got the items that started this whole thread. Yes it took sometime for the bucket to get shipped from across the ocean and then had to wait for a shipment to be delivered to my dealer, but it was worth the wait. Thanks again.

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