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    Default Re: Clearing Snow and I've got a Question - 2216 Gear

    Quote Originally Posted by MarkF48 View Post

    Went to the dealer today and explained my problem. After me detailing what was going on he thought for a minute and suggested "AIR". He had evidently had a customer with a similar problem and the tractor was brought in thinking the rear end had a major problem, which is what I had thought with mine. One of the service techs had taken it for a spin just before they were going to tear it down and somehow noticed the tire would stop rotating, but the rim was still spinning. The combination of slippery beet juice in the tires and low air pressure allowed the tire bead to break and spin on the rim.

    I marked my tires and rims with a dot of red paint and buried the bucket in a snow bank with the clutch out and in low gear. The tractor stopped and from the vantage point of the seat both tires had stopped. Sure as crap the red dots on the right side tire were not aligned any longer. Tire pressure in that tire was about 5lbs., so got it up to 20lbs. that the dealer suggested. Another snow bank test this time got both the tires digging up frozen lawn. The temps being around 18F may have had also not helped and may have contributed to a lower tire pressure. I was really sweating not having the tractor in the winter when I most need it and possibly in the shop for extended time.

    This might be worth tossing in the memory banks for what might be a slipping clutch problem also.

    Don't know if it's OK to mention a specific dealer, but it's Klem's in Spencer, MA on Rt 9. Great people and great service
    never heard of that ever happining, glad you posted that info

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    Default Re: Clearing Snow and I've got a Question - 2216 Gear

    Too funny! You could take it down you local drag with the youngsters thinking your tricked out tractor has spinners
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    Default Re: Clearing Snow and I've got a Question - 2216 Gear

    This is a common problem with extreme off-roading where we air down our tires for better traction. Thus the reason for Bead-Lock rims. I would not recommend using such low presures in a tractor tire as it will pop the tire if you put the sidewall up against a rock or log.

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