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    Default Re: 8560 audible alarm goes off after 5 minutes.

    My 8560 has the same alarm after 5 minutes issue and I only have about 35 hours on it. I have the dealer coming out for the Throttle position sensor so I'll have him bring a scavenger pump switch as well.

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    Default Re: 8560 audible alarm goes off after 5 minutes.

    Quote Originally Posted by sirchancelor View Post
    Spoke with a dealer close by. They had not heard of this problem. They called the area service rep. He told me how to check the scavenger pump switch. It was bad. Replaced it every thing is back to normal with no alarms. Thanks again for the help.
    I realize this is old as the hills but thought I'd ask and maybe somene will know: How did you "check the scanvenger pump switch" other than by replacing it?

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    Default Re: 8560 audible alarm goes off after 5 minutes.

    I have a Mpower 85 same problem after 11hr. You would think Mahindra would upgrade. This has been going on for a couple of years by past threads. Not good just bought tractor last week.

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    Default Re: 8560 audible alarm goes off after 5 minutes.

    When you replace the scavenger pump switch, replace it with the switch listed for the engine oil pressure switch, as it is a better quality switch and will last longer. A Mahindra service rep told me to do this, and it hasn't been a problem since.
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