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    Default 3215 HST - Hydraulics for implements died.. 1397 hrs..

    Hello all Mahindra wizards..! My 3215 HST suddenly has no hydraulic power for the implements. The tractor steering still turns and it runs. I removed the quick connects and with the tractor running, moved the control arm while depressing one of the quick connect nipples (very gingerly with a screwdriver) - wanted to see if I have any pressure.. Nothing squirting out..


    1) Is this sufficient to check for pressure? Should I try to loosen some fitting and it I do - will it tighten back up again - or am I going to have to reflange the fitting?
    2) I read about people mentioning the relief valve - Where is the relief valve - so I can check if the pressure is not building up due to the relief valve?
    3) I'm really, really far from the dealer - if it is the hydraulic pump - where is it located and does anyone have the part number for it?
    4) Is the hydrulic pump a "Mahindra-only" item? Or sourceable from Watson or some other vendor?
    4) I went to an online site - I can see the parts diagram - but the actual pump itself seems to be unnumbered... ? Just refers to some "Fig. 104-35" but doesn't say where?
    5) Does anyone know where I can purchase a parts catalog or CD..?

    Any help appreciated!


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    Default Re: 3215 HST - Hydraulics for implements died.. 1397 hrs..

    This is your hyd data.

    Hydraulic System:
    Hydraulic Type Open Center
    Pump Capacity 7.8 / 31.4
    Steering Pump Output 3.5 / 13.2
    Implement Pump Output 4.3 / 16.3

    If the pump is performing well, and you have fluid to the suction input, you will have flow. The hyd fluid will flow through all valves to tank.

    Cycle each valve, and if nothing, then you do not have flow.

    You can loosen a hose and place in a bucket and see if you have flow.

    You can install a hyd gage in the IN port in a tee, and when you activate anything hyd, you will see the pressure.

    Check fluid levels.

    Can you tell if the pump is turning?

    Check filters and screens if you have them.

    If you have a loader, the relief valve will be close to the IN port of the loader valve.

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    Default Re: 3215 HST - Hydraulics for implements died.. 1397 hrs..

    I used to have a 3215 (I now have a 7060). Same exact thing happened to me at ~485 hours. You've likely lost the hydraulic implement pump. Trace the lines back to the pump. The implement pump and the power steering pump are in tandem on the right side of the engine. I don't remember exactly, but believe my pump cost somewhere around $500. You'll need the pump shaft and the seals. My new dealer, RnF Sales, has an online parts catalog on its website Rnf Sales & Service - Hadley, PA - 724-253-2035 - Home

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