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    Default Rear Remotes for a 2615 - How difficult

    I have a 2006 Mahindra 2615 4WD Gear and with purchase of some additional ground last year I am starting to use to do some light field work. I am thinking it might be nice if I had rear remotes to allow me to use some ground implements that require a hydraulic connection. I know very little about how this topic and would very much appreciate some input on how difficult (do I need to get a dealer to do it or is it possible for a person who can follow instructions) it is and how costly?

    If you have done this or you are aware of a thread that might help it would be appreciated. Pictures are really good.


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    Not sure of the exact cost but I would hazard a guess at around 1k for the installation. One thing you will definitely want to check is the hydraulic gpm specs of your tractor to make sure it can handle the minimum gpm for the implements you're considering. A less expensive route (if it works in your situation) is to go with PTO powered implements if possible.

    I'm sure someone will chime in with a solid cost estimate on the auxiliary install. This would be helpful for me also as I've been considering one for a Mill Creek row mulcher.

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    Default Re: Rear Remotes for a 2615 - How difficult

    If your tractor pump flow is about 8 GPM, then look at this valve.

    In an open center tractor hyd, you can just add valve in series for your implements.

    You should be able to use a valve like this and connect up a set of remotes with QD's .

    It has float and PB option.

    Surplus Center - 2 SPOOL 8 GPM PRINCE MB21GB5C1 DA VALVE W/FLOAT

    The cost is no where around $1000.

    You only need this valve or similar , some hoses, fittings, and QD's, and I am thinking around $350 at the most.

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