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    Default Re: Synthetic Oil

    Quote Originally Posted by DarkBlack View Post
    Hey hermio, Get over yourself, and your 31 amsoil pushing posts.
    I've always been a voice on this site for dino oil with good filtration changed on regular intervals. It's what I do for my personal engines, and it's the information I pass on here.
    If you can't handle an actual life experience and point of view such as mine, then you need to move on.
    I haven't debated a single lab test. Like I said, you're barking up the wrong tree. You need to 'sell' your 25k oil change stories to someone else. Pretty simple.
    I haven't pushed Amsoil even once. I mentioned facts about synthetics in general. Amsoil is merely one example of synthetic oil, which I used here because it happens to have more published data available than the others. As I have said, I don't care what you do with your personal choices. I do care about misinformation being presented here, as that interferes with peoples' ability to make an informed choice. And it is you who can't handle my actual life experiences, not the other way around. You are the one who basically said I lied about my experience. I have never said that about you. And you do morally owe me an apology for the implication that I am a liar.

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    Default Re: Synthetic Oil

    Come on guys, why do these forums always end up in pissing matches? Man, everything is a fight, even tractors and oil for crying out loud. Out there in the real world we fight tooth and nail about politics, without respect, we fight about religion , and now we have to fight over effin oil? Geeez, I love this site for information, but this constant bickering over something as unimportant in the real world as oil and one's opinion about a particular type makes no sense at all.

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